Getting Out on the Kansas Side

Playing outdoors is a form of exercise for your kids to develop wholly and gain an overall physical well-being. Kids are naturally attracted to outdoor activities because they like to explore their environment. As a result, they develop strong muscles, coordination skills and the ability to play various games.

Kansas City is brimming with exciting activities for kids at different stages. There are places meant for toddlers and preschoolers to explore and discover things due to their inquisitive nature, and lots of activities for teens. Spend time with your kids at Kansas City and enjoy the numerous outdoor activities in store for you.

Here are five outdoor activities your kids can check out while visiting Kansas City:

Top 5 Outdoor Activities for Kids in and near Kansas City, KS

1. Play at the Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park

Rock River Rapids is an aquatic park just a short drive from Kansas City, KS with water parks built in unique designs to capture the interest of kids. It has water slides, and a spray and shallow water playground, making the place fun for all kids. It is a perfect venue to hold a surprise birthday party for your kids so they can have fun with their friends.
The park offers flexible payment options, including credit cards. It also caters to the needs of kids with special needs. The kid-friendly park has Motorcoach parking and is a non-smoking facility to ensure your little ones are protected from the effects of tobacco.

2. Explore History at the Kansas Museum of World Treasures

The Museum of World Treasures is rich in history of Wichita, Kansas and the United States at large. It displays interesting historical specimens your kids will find exciting and fun. Egyptian mummies, the Berlin wall, various American presidents’ signatures and George A. Custer’s nephew’s scalp are on exhibition at the museum.
There are many more exceptional exhibits you might want to explore with your kids as they learn about the history of Kansas City and the nation as a whole.

3. Engage in Fun Activities at the Going Bonkers

The Going Bonkers is a fun place every child would love to visit. It is one of the largest indoor play centers for birthday parties and other forms of fun activities. Your teens have lots of games to engage in at the Going Bonkers.
You’ll also have free WIFI to access the internet in case you need to check your emails. Lots of foods and prizes are also offered, making it a perfect place for kids to have fun outdoors.

4. Feed Animals at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park

The Tanganyika Wildlife Park is home to many wild animals. Your kids can feed their favorite animals at the park. They can also play and socialize with other kids or even go camping at the park’s camping site for lots of weekend fun.

5. Community America Ballpark

Go see a T-Bones baseball game with the kids at the Community American Ballpark in KCKS! The stadium boasts free parking, 4,000 fixed seats, a spacious concourse that circles the entire park, a kids’ play area that gives them a full view of the field, and all general seating “within spittin distance” of the diamond. Games kick off in late May and continue through September every year. Don’t miss it!

Here’s how our towing service gets to Community America Ballpark in KCKS: