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Our commercial towing in Joplin provides you with a complete business solution.

Commercial towing is like your business. It needs to operate 24/7 because of your deadlines matter. That’s why our dispatchers are available 24-hours a day to direct one of more than 80 specialized tow trucks from our massive fleet right to you. As a commercial towing service we’ve got the equipment and highly skilled Class A drivers to cover all your needs. Don’t push back your timeline. Get the commercial towing services you need when you need them. Call us at Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. today.

Our drivers certify with the Towing and Recovery Association of America Certification before they work for us.


To learn more about our 24/7 Commercial Towing Service and to speak to a member of our team, call us at

Get the commercial towing services your business needs

Our fleet is fully equipped for light, medium, and heavy duty towing. Whatever you need to move, wherever you need to move it, we do it. That means in-city towing in Joplin as well as complete interstate and long distance towing services. We can provide independent services or partial towing with load and trailer shifts where and when you need it. Services include:

  • Tractor Towing
  • Trailer Towing
  • Container Transport
  • Construction Equipment
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Motor Homes
  • Wheel Lift Towing
  • Boats
  • Cranes
  • Buses
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Material Handling

We’re always ready to tackle your commercial business needs

Our fleet includes every type of tow truck you could ever need. With more than 80 vehicles, one call to us gives you access to wreckers, flatbeds, super heavy duty recovery vehicles, landolls, lift flatbeds, integrated trucks, and more. Our drivers are required to complete certifications and training before we hire them. Once hired? Additional general and specific vehicle training. They operate with precision and care so the safety of your load and truck is never in doubt. Our quality of service leads the industry. It’s what you deserve and what we provide.

We provide commercial hauling in Joplin and the entire U.S. Your cargo should never stop moving until it reaches its destination. Our long-distance hauling includes load switches/transfers and intermodal transportation. Wherever you need it to go, we get it there. We can tow everything from the smallest loads to 100,000+ lbs of equipment.

Get the time you need with our secure storage facility. In the event of an emergency, you don’t always have time to plan. Your truck or cargo can’t be left on the side of the road. That’s why we have 4 fully secured storage facilities with one in Joplin. This provides you with a secure area in order to plan for a transfer, pickup, switch, or long-term storage solution. We’ll help you plan the logistics of your next move and can provide the manpower and equipment to handle it entirely if you need it.

Get in touch for 24/7 towing service!

Air Cushion Recovery can right your truck and cargo at the same time.

Protect your assets with our Semi Truck Recovery and Towing Services

Supplies need to get where they’re going. You need 24/7 tow truck towing in Joplin. We do that and so much more. Breakdowns aren’t the only reason for a tow. Overturned trucks and accidents can require recovery. We perform safe and effective tow truck recoveries that don’t even require removal of your cargo. Here’s how.

Using inflatable buoys, we safely upright your semi truck and your cargo simultaneously. This saves you time. If the vehicle can still be driven and you want to get moving, the job is complete. If you need tow truck towing to our storage facility or a repair shop, we do that too. We can even arrange for load transfers and switches with you to complete the journey with your parent company, or complete the job ourselves. You are covered, and we’ve got your back.

Contact us for commercial and semi-truck towing in Joplin today!

We’re available 24/7. Get the help you need right now. Our company was created to provide you with industry-leading service. You keep America moving forward. We keep you moving forward. Call or contact us now.

Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jan 30, 2023,
Really quick. Super friendly
Google Maps
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jan 30, 2023,
Amazingly smooth service… everything from scheduling to pickup to hauling to drop off to payment! Amazingly great! Thank you for a great experience!
Google Maps
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jan 29, 2023,
The driver was on time as expected, and very helpful with the situation.
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Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jan 27, 2023,
Zach came in the middle of the night and saved me. True pleasure to work him and staff… First class operation and I would recommend Sante Fe for all my towing needs… REAL Professionalism
Google Maps
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jan 27, 2023,
Fast and friendly, definitely recommend!
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Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
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