Recovery Services

Nobody plans an accident, but they happen every day. What you can plan is who to call for any number of recovery situations — the experts at Santa Fe Tow Service.

Santa Fe Tow Service has a reputation as one of the most professional recovery services in the nation and provides efficient and damage-free recovery service. Our locations in Kansas City and Joplin areas yields a variety of work.

Santa Fe Tow Service has the training, experience, and equipment necessary to recover your vehicle from any emergency situation.

Our Air Cushion Recovery system can safely upright a large, overturned vehicle. We can even upright a loaded tractor-trailer without the expense and time it takes to offload your cargo, allowing you to get your shipment to its destination on time.

Make a plan to recover from any unplanned scenario. If you are in need of any of our recovery services, give Santa Fe Tow Service a call. We are here to help — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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