Releasing A Vehicle

To reclaim an impounded vehicle from our tow lot, one must provide the all of the following items:

  1. Registration
    Current registration (can be retrieved from the vehicle if necessary). If the vehicle was purchased more than 30 days ago and the registration is not yet completed, the vehicle can not be released. The new owner must register the vehicle at the DMV first and bring in the new registration. A bill of sale does not prove ownership of the vehicle.
  2. Insurance
    Current insurance card (can be retrieved from the vehicle if necessary). A valid insurance card will list the vehicle’s VIN number as well as a card expiration date. If the card does not list this information the owner will need to contact their agent and have them fax over a card with this information. An insurance statement or bill is not a valid form of proof of insurance.
  3. Identification
    The registered owner needs to provide an unexpired driver’s license (if driving the vehicle away) or an unexpired ID card (if towing the vehicle or when someone else drives the vehicle.) If the owner does not have a valid driver’s license, they must be accompanied by someone who does and that person will need to provide an unexpired driver’s license. A licensed driver is the only one who will be able to drive the vehicle off of our property.
  4. Payment
    We accept the following forms of payment for impounded vehicles: cash, money order, cashier’s check, or all major credit cards. If paying by credit card, the cardholder must be present and show unexpired identification before the card can be processed. We do not accept Checks or Credit Cards over the phone for impounded vehicles.
  5. Prairie Village Police Tow
    If a vehicle is towed for any other reason other than an accident, the registered owner needs to go to the Prairie Village Police Department and get a YELLOW tow release form. Once they have received that form they can pick up their impounded vehicle.

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, click here.

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