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Get Your History On in Kansas City, KS!

Kansas City was established and developed due to the activities of the French fur traders and the Jesuit mission. It is located in the Midwestern United States region and is well known as the Missouri River and the Kansas River pass through it.
Over the years, the city has developed as a cultural center, an agricultural region, and a tourist attraction. This has positively impacted on the city’s economic status. The historical sites in Kansas City have attracted both local and international tourists.

Top 5 Must-Visit Historical Sites in Kansas City

1. Anthropology of Argentine Mural
The Argentine Mural Anthropology is a point of pride to the argentine community living in Kansas City. The mural stretches across a metropolitan avenue and was built by six artists in 10 months. Since it was painted, it has only been tagged with graffiti twice.
The paintings on the walls were inspired by the community’s history dating back to the 1800s. Visit the mural to see and enjoy the paintings of Native americans and understand how immigration started, from the Hopewell Indians to the Argentine community.

2. Clendening History of Medicine Museum
The museum is an interesting site to visit. It exhibits the medication used traditionally in a variety of cultures. The museum showcases Kansas medicine in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. There is a collection devoted to the World War II medicine, World War I medicine and the ancient American medicine.
Moreover, there is also medicine from the ancient worlds such as Egypt, Babylon and China to celebrate diversity. It is important to understand the history of medicine to relate it to the modern medicine.

3. Korean-Vietnam War Memorial
The memorial is dedicated to the first dual war in the history of the nation, the Vietnam and Korean War. In 1988 on the Veteran Day, two life bronze statues were made to commemorate this war. It is located right at the entrance of Wyandotte Country Lake. Visiting the site is a moving experience filled with emotions.
Relatives of those who lost their loved ones in the war visit to pay tribute. People come from various parts of the nation and bring with them flowers, teddy bears etc, as a way of thanking the fallen warriors. It is difficult to explain the experience and first impression of visiting the site; you just have to visit the memorial for first-hand experience.

4. The Lewis and Clark Park at Kaws Point
The Lewis and Clark’s expedition arrived at the park location in 1804. They camped at the site for three days to repair their boats and for the first time engaged in martial law. Today, the park is home to wild flowers, beautiful wooden trails and wildlife, maintaining its natural state.
The park has lots of beautiful scenery and is simply fun to explore. It is easily accessible and has outdoor infrastructure for endless recreation and entertainment. It also houses an amphitheater fitted with electricity for events and live performing arts.

5. Grinter Place
The Grinter Place was historically the home of Moses Grinter, one of the earliest settlers in Kansas. He is remembered for having built the first ferry that was used across the river. The house is suitable for meetings, parties and events. It is exciting to visit one of the oldest farm houses that still exist today.
Whether you’re living in Kansas City and its environs or simply looking for a destination for your next vacation, KC has so many things to offer. It is home to great sites you’ll love to explore and activities to keep you entertained. There are also sites you can explore with your family and kids for the best vacation ever.

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