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Precise Dump Truck Recovery by Expert Crew

Dump Truck Recovery in the Backyard of Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Construction Site

A dump truck recovery is what happens when a dump truck driver accidentally backs his truck too close to the retaining wall! Santa Fe Tow Service recently helped out a dump truck driver who could not make his way out of a tight spot. 

The expert crew made their way to the West Olathe, Kansas location and were surprised to see that the dump truck recovery site was in the backyard of a multi-million dollar mansion that was being built! In order to make their way to the dump truck, the towing team had to use an access road through the property.

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Once they arrived at the scene, the Santa Fe professionals expertly performed an upright of the dump truck in just 3 hours. The customer was extremely pleased with the crew’s efficient service; his truck was towed away (by the access road, of course!) with no additional damage done to the can or chassis. 

Amazing work, Santa Fe team! Keep it up! 

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Details of Dump Truck Recovery in the Backyard of Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Construction Site

Santa Fe Tow Service was recently contacted by the owner of a dump truck who needed dump truck recovery in West Olathe, Kansas. The dump truck recovery customer was backing into a spot to drop his load when he got too close to the retaining wall. Unfortunately, the blocks decided to give out and he needed a dump truck and heavy duty recovery crew. 

The Santa Fe team sent out a dump truck recovery crew of 3 along with a Century 1075 and Century 1150 RXP. The exact location of the dump truck recovery was 135th and S Walnut View Drive and it was located in the backyard of a multi-million dollar mansion construction site. The dump truck recovery crew had to use an access road through the property to arrive at the scene.

Upon arriving, they assessed the dump truck recovery situation. The blocks giving out had created a strange position for both trucks to be put into place for the upright. However, with the collapsed boulders underneath the box, the dump truck recovery crew had plenty of room to place their recovery straps. 

To start the dump truck recovery, the team got their trucks in the best place possible to complete the upright. They squeezed the 1150 on the top side of the hill where the truck had been before tipping, and then backed the 1075 as close as possible to the front. This enabled them to reach over the cab and use a strap on the body of the unit to perform the upright for the dump truck recovery. 

The debris from the retaining wall made for tight quarters for this dump truck recovery. However, despite the minimal room, the dump truck recovery team performed a pigeon-toe on the steer axle and one of the drive axles. This created room for the straps to be placed. Once the rigging was in place, they uprighted the casualty and held it upright with the 1150 while winching it down the hill with the 1075. 

To complete the dump truck recovery, they hooked onto the vehicle and towed it away for the owner. The team managed to get the truck back on its wheels with no additional damage done to the can or chassis. The heavy duty towing dump truck recovery was completed in 3 hours. 

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