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Heavy Recovery After I-435 Fire

Lenexa Heavy Recovery Team Tows Truck Following HUGE Fire

Santa Fe’s heavy recovery team was called up after, what the customer called, a “small fire” had broken out on highway I-435. After receiving details of the accident, the team headed out to assist in the rescue and recovery of the tractor-trailer.

However, upon arrival, they were met with a HUGE surprise…

The customer’s fully-loaded tractor-trailer was completely destroyed. The fire (which they now realised was far from small) had demolished the front of the truck, making the vehicle impossible to drive and destined for the scrapyard. 

The fire unexpectedly occurred earlier that night when the tractor-trailer was out for delivery. It was en-route to a local homeware store carrying a big load, so a fire was the last thing the driver had on his mind. With panic in the air, 911 was the first call he made. The Lenexa fire department arrived promptly and worked to successfully put out the fire all before the heavy recovery team’s arrival. 

Although there was no way the tractor could be driven, the trailer was thankfully still intact. The Santa Fe Tow Service team made a call to the customer, informed them that their vehicle had unfortunately been destroyed, and suggested they send out a new tractor. With a new tractor on-site, the customer could meet their deadline and make the delivery. After receiving confirmation, they separated the tractor from the trailer, caged the brakes, and prepared it to be towed.

The first responders and Santa Fe’s heavy towing team showed up and kept it professional to ensure no one involved was hurt. Just remember, if you see an accident on the road, take the necessary precautions. Slow down, move over, and keep safe. 

Details of Lenexa Heavy Recovery Team Tows Truck Following HUGE Fire

A call requesting a heavy recovery team was received at the Santa Fe Tow Service office. A fire had broken out on highway I-435 completely destroying a fully-loaded tractor-trailer. The heavy recovery team left the office in Lenexa, KS, and arrived on the scene. The fire department and police had worked together to redirect the traffic on highway I-435 and put out the fire before the heavy recovery team arrived.

Luckily, no one was hurt. The heavy duty recovery team decided to separate the tractor from the trailer so the customer could continue its delivery of goods back to the local homeware store in Lenexa, KS. After the heavy recovery team separated the tractor from the trailer they caged the brakes and prepped it to be towed.

When the customer had collected the trailer the heavy recovery team’s final safety check took place on the tow truck. The tractor had been safely secured. Unfortunately, the fire had destroyed the tractor so the heaving towing team had no choice but to tow the destroyed truck to the local scrapyard in Lenexa.

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