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Heavy Rigging Company Recovers 35,000 lb Machinery

Kansas Heavy Rigging Company Successfully Transports Atlas Copco ECM 585 

Santa Fe Tow Service, the expert Kansas heavy rigging company, recently swooped in to save the day for a customer in Spring Hill, KS who needed fast and efficient help. Upon receiving the customer’s call, the dispatcher at Santa Fe Tow Service gathered all the necessary details before dispatching a skilled team member to the scene at 169 Highway and 223rd St.

The customer was in a bit of a bind – they had a monstrous Atlas Copco ECM 585 unit weighing in at a whopping 35,000 pounds that had been gathering dust in a salvage yard corner for three years. A heavy rigging company was needed to transport the unit to a suburb of Dallas, TX.

In true professional fashion, one member of the Santa Fe Tow Service team, armed with a 1150RXP Rotator, arrived on the scene and quickly sprang into action. The team member was able to skillfully override the drive gear to get the tracks rolling freely before safely maneuvering the unit out of its corner and onto a more stable surface for a secure lift onto a lowboy.

The heavy rigging company team member worked like lightning, completing the entire job in just 1.5 hours – a true testament to Santa Fe’s efficient and professional service. Amazing work, Santa Fe! 

Details of Kansas Heavy Rigging Company Successfully Transports Atlas Copco ECM 585 

Heavy rigging company, Santa Fe Tow Service recently lent their services to a customer in Spring Hill, KS. The customer called the heavy rigging company in need of professionals who get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Upon picking up the call, the heavy rigging company dispatcher asked for all the necessary details before sending a heavy rigging company pro to the scene. The location of the job was 169 Highway and 223rd St.

The customer explained to the heavy rigging company that he needed assistance moving a heavy machinery unit that had been sitting in the back of a salvage yard for 3 years. The unit was an Atlas Copco ECM 585 weighing 35,000 pounds. It was buried in a corner and the customer needed a heavy rigging company to tow it to a suburb of Dallas, TX. 

The heavy rigging company sent one member of their team along with a 1150RXP Rotator. Once the heavy rigging company team member arrived on the scene, he began the job. The unit’s drive gear was overridden to get the tracks to roll freely. After this was completed, it was drug out of the corner of the lot and placed onto a more solid surface to allow for a safe lift off the back of the truck. 

Once it was lifted, the lowboy was then backed underneath the unit and was secured for transport down to its new location in TX. The job only took the heavy rigging company 1.5 hours to complete.

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