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Safe in Every Season: Vehicle Care Throughout the Year 

Adapting Your Vehicle for Seasonal Changes

As seasons shift, road conditions follow suit. Each season presents its own unique road safety challenge that necessitates varied preparations for your vehicle. In this brief guide, we will walk you through several steps you can take to prepare your car to drive safely and reliably all year round. Remember: safety always comes first!

Winter road safety

Preparing for Cold Weather: Winter, Fall, and Early Spring Vehicle Care

Your vehicle requires additional attention during the colder months, including winter, fall, and early spring. Firstly, it’s important to ensure your vehicle’s battery is robust, as lower temperatures can significantly diminish its performance. 

Switching to winter tires is highly recommended for enhanced grip on snowy and icy surfaces. But your tires need care and attention, too: it’s essential to continuously monitor tire pressure, which often decreases in cold weather. 

Don’t forget to check your liquids! Maintaining proper antifreeze and coolant levels is crucial to help prevent freezing and potential engine damage. Alongside this, using lower-viscosity oil suited for colder conditions is advisable, and remember to keep all fluids adequately filled. Consider upgrading to winter-specific wiper blades and using a windshield washer fluid designed not to freeze. 

It’s also crucial to verify that your heating and defrosting systems function optimally for comfort and clear visibility. Equally important are routine brake checks, which are vital for maintaining safety on slippery roads

If you get stuck in the cold, consider equipping your vehicle with necessary winter gear, including a snow shovel, ice scraper, blankets, and a first-aid kit. Ensure all lights and signals are in working order for better visibility during the shorter, darker days. 

Lastly, regularly inspect your exhaust system for leaks and maintain at least a half-full fuel tank. This practice is key to preventing fuel line freezing and staying prepared for unforeseen delays.

Adjusting for Warmer Weather: Vehicle Care in Summer and Spring

Summer and warmer spring months call for a different set of precautions. Conduct frequent checks on your vehicle’s cooling system to prevent overheating. Also, during the warmer seasons, tire maintenance is crucial, as higher temperatures can lead to different tire pressure and condition issues than colder weather. Ensure that your vehicle’s fluids are maintained at optimal levels, and consider using a higher-viscosity oil if it’s recommended for your car in warmer conditions. Always be prepared with adequate water supplies and an emergency kit for any unexpected situations.

Summer road safety

Year-round Dependable Towing and Recovery

Regardless of the season, Santa Fe Tow Service is always on standby to get you out of a pickle. Our diverse fleet can accommodate various vehicles under various conditions, ensuring efficient and safe towing. Operating throughout Missouri, Kansas, or Oklahoma, we assist motorists in confidently overcoming the challenges posed by each season. If you ever need towing or recovery services, remember that we at Santa Fe Tow Service are just a phone call away. No matter the weather.

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