4 Best Places for Book Nerds in Kansas City, KS


Reading Around Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas accommodates all types of people ranging from adults to kids to people with eclectic interests. Whether you’re the book nerd or your kids don’t seem to walk past books without taking a look, you’ll love visiting Kansas City. It is home to many bookstores selling all sorts of books to suit the unique needs and tastes out there.

Here are the top five places you can drop by while in Kansas to pick a specific book you need or simply browse the shelves:

Top 5 Bookstores in Kansas City for Book Nerds

1. The Rainy Day Books
Ok, we admit. This one’s a little far out, but Rainy Day is worth the trip! It’s a unique little shop offering the best non-fiction and fiction books that’ll cheer you on the worst of rainy days. Every year, it hosts hundreds of authors, giving national and local writers a chance to meet their fans so they better understand the content of their books. The store has a relaxing atmosphere with friendly and helpful employees.

2. Elite Comic Books

Overland Park is a suburb of Kansas City, but culturally linked. So, if you’re in the KC area and love comics, this is a must-see shop. At Elite Comics, there is a huge collection of graphic novels, new and used comics, statues, and other swag. It is a good place to visit as you wait for the release of the next comic-inspired movie. It has offsite and in-store events every year for book nerds like you.
Whether you are an expert in comic canon or a novice comic reader, you’ll surely enjoy these services. Elite Comic Books is also a good place to hold lively group discussions and interact with other enthusiasts.

3. Books-A-Million

Located on the outskirts of Kansas City, KS, Books a Million, denoted as BAM, is a highly organized bookstore. It has a large collection of books and gifts at competitive prices. If you are a book nerd, you’ll love BAM because it has all the books you could be looking for. Moreover, the employees are friendly and work to deliver efficient services for all.

4. The Vintage Stock

The bookstore is located in Wyandotte Plaza in Kansas State. Vintage Stock has comic books, old school records, an endless supply of DVDs, and classic games. It is a place with a great selection of good reads for book nerds. If you’re a self-proclaimed nerd, this is the place to be for all sorts of vintage books.
Known as the nerds’ paradise, it has an amazing employee interaction culture. It’s a unique store that can also buy old DVDs and CDs from you. They give 20% off the value of each item you buy from the store. Visit the Vintage Stock and dig for an old gem of a book to read.

These bookstores are just a few of the hundreds of stores with varied books for book-lovers to explore and find a good read. Despite your personal interests and the kind of genres you like, the books cater to the needs of different people. Just make sure you make an early visit to get enough time to explore the stores for the best pick.

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