Heavy Equipment Hauling in Kansas MO the right way.

Heavy equipment can’t be taken lightly. Your business and project timeline depends on safe delivery. Choosing a towing service that isn’t equipped to handle it costs you in more ways than one. You need a tow truck company with skilled drivers, a diverse truck fleet, and the knowledge to use them correctly.

Our drivers receive ongoing education in support of their multiple certifications. We take the most important steps carefully, so you get your equipment safe, sound, and on time. Choose Santa Fe Tow Service Inc. for all your heavy duty hauling needs in Kansas, MO, and beyond.

The right fleet can make all the difference.

We operate an impeccably maintained fleet of over 80 towing trucks. Everything from oil changes to engine work is cataloged. Making sure your equipment arrives when it should beings with reliability. We make sure our trucks are in it for the long haul so we get there on time for cross country, interstate, and in-state heavy duty hauling alike. We’ve got vehicles equipped to tow anything and everything.

Our fleet contains every type of heavy equipment hauling vehicle you could need including flatbeds, wreckers,
, landolls, lowboys and more.

A few of the equipment, items, and payloads we move most often include:

Why do more companies in Missouri choose us for heavy equipment towing?

  • We only hire the most capable truck operators. Every one of our drivers is required to have their Certification from the Towing and Recovery Association of America and their Wrecker Certification. Many of our drivers have also trained under the Wes Wilburn program.
  • Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we keep it that way. Our fleet is comprehensive. Some of our most widely used vehicles include our heavy duty landoll trailers. These offer extreme usability. In addition to rising to dock height, they also tilt to ground level for unassisted loading and unloading.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers your equipment. Our insurance is comprehensive. It covers your equipment, vehicles, containers, and anything else we haul whether it’s just here in town or across multiple state lines. We also perform a thorough load security inspection before ever hitting the road.
  • Ongoing education and additional training. We require our drivers to perform ongoing education. This is on top of our certification requirements. They must exercise mastery of their truck equipment and vehicle before they enter the field.
  • One of the biggest truck fleets in Kansas City, MO. Our fleet includes a full-time dispatch center connecting over 80 trucks and operators with customers like you. We have a strong cross country network in order to deliver heavy duty equipment where and when you need it.

Contact us for heavy equipment hauling in Kansas City, MO

We are the best company for the job. You come first. That means on-time delivery, a secure delivery, and an experienced truck and operator performing it all. Don’t settle for anything less. We deliver on our promises so you can too. Call us today. We also provide 24-hour towing in Joplin, Blue Springs, Jackson County, and Kansas City!

Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jul 13, 2022,
Excellent on everything.
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jul 8, 2022,
I have never seen such professionals when it comes to a tow service. We had a 7,000 lb skidsteer stuck in a mud hole. Huge thanks to Rodger and driver Holland #116 for their help! They did not give up until they pulled us out! Awesome service with great experience!
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
Jun 14, 2022,
Fast and courteous.
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
May 27, 2022,
Great service from all. Office staff very nice & helpful.
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
May 9, 2022,
Driver arrived a little early was courteous took care of my automobile did an awesome job will definitely use you in the future
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
(913) 894-5201 $$$
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