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Need a tow in Odessa, MO? We’ve got a tow truck ready to help.

If you need a quick towing service, you’ve probably got a few questions on your mind. How fast can your tow company get to me? Will their towing be done safely and won’t risk my vehicle? Can I expect good service? We know that not all towing companies have the answers you want to these questions. But as an experienced towing company for Odessa, MO, Santa Fe Tow Service, Inc. is pleased to be able to stand behind our word and offer exceptional towing.

We want to make towing as painless as possible. To do that, we keep our fleet ready to go on the ground at all times. Our company is complete with every kind of truck for any job. We always strive to provide true 24 hour-a-day, last-minute service. Our goal is to get you off the road quickly and get you going again. Our drivers know the area and are ready to get you out of any kind of towing problem immediately.

Our team knows Odessa, Mo inside and out. No matter the day of the week, we're ready to help.

If you need a time-sensitive tow of any size, give us a call today.

Any kind of tow truck for any job.

We’ve got a complete fleet that includes any kind of tow truck for every possible need. Whether it’s a flatbed or standard-service wrecker, a quick pickup for roadside assistance, to our 360° boom recovery truck, we’re ready to take on any kind of job. Here is what our fleet is made of.


Our light-duty trucks are ideal for vehicle recovery where precision is key. Delicately extracting vehicles from parking garages and or tight city streets is the main job for these trucks. They can handle pulling anything from smaller trucks to SUVs and passenger vehicles.

These compact trucks are built for precision and power, and can pull vehicles from a parked position with the vehicles locked. Their standard wheel lifts ensures vehicles are transported without damage to the body or frame.

Medium-Duty service

Medium-duty trucks handle the lion’s share of the work we do. These are perfect because they guarantee safe transportation without damage to the vehicle. While not ideal for getting vehicles out of tight spots, they’re still great for sensitive towing jobs where there is a low margin of error. Medium-duty wreckers and flatbeds can haul everything from campers, work vans and heavy-duty trucks up to a few tons. They’re an especially good option for transportation of high-value or collector vehicles, or for situations where it’s important not to let the wheelbase be near the ground. For AWD vehicles that need towing, flatbeds are the preferred option as they won’t harm the drivetrain.

Recovery Towing Odessa MO

Heavy-Duty tow service

Heavy-duty tows are necessary when moving anything over several tons. These include tows of 18-wheelers, buses, and Class A RVs, or heavy machinery. Also included in this group is our 360-degree boom lift — capable of cherry-picking up to 75 tons.

Every driver in our fleet brings top-level quality to every job. No matter the task, they work quickly to get your moving again. Our number one goal with every job is to minimize inconvenience and try to make your tow as painless as possible.

Our tow truck operators have completed the Wreckmaster and Towing and Recovery Association Programs.

Give us a call today for the exact tow you need, exactly when you need it.

Don’t settle for a slow towing service. When you need rapid assistance in Odessa, MO, there’s one clear choice. Call our dispatch for immediate assistance today. We also provide roadside assistance in Shawnee Mission, KS, Blue Springs, Jackson County, Joplin, Kansas City, and more!

Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
Oct 18, 2021,
Husband swerved to miss a deer and went down a revean at about a 90 degree angle they got his truck out and never put a scratch on it very professional and good at there job.
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
Oct 4, 2021,
Professional as always
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
Sep 20, 2021,
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
Aug 26, 2021,
I needed to relocate a 40' container on my property. From first call to them at 2:20 pm would 3:00 pm tomorrow work for you? At 2:45 pm the next day, the bright red truck arrived at my gate. Driver #103 knew his equipment and wasted no time completing the move. Couldn't ask for better service from all involved. 5 stars, thank you.
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
Jul 16, 2021,
My driver was very polite and did a great job
Santa Fe Tow Service Santa Fe Tow Service
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